Tübke ArtCentrica: our solution for the immersive exhibition Tübke Monumental (Leipzig)

On the occasion of the opening of the immersive exhibition TÜBKE MONUMENTAL, we participated in the press conference and the presentation Einladung zur Vernissage in Leipzig.Our team contributed to the TÜBKE MONUMENTAL project with the high-res digitization of Werner Tübke‘s work, The First Bourgeois Revolution in Germany, from Panorama Museum (Bad Frankenhausen). We created an image of 74 Gigapixel size, which was used in the immersive installation and in Tübke […]

Centrica protagonist at EXPO 2020 Dubai

Last 10th October held the EXPO 2020 Dubai, after its postponement due to the pandemic. The theme of the event was Connecting Minds, Creating the Future which focused on Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability. Italy was one of the attendants together with 200 countries in a dedicated pavilion.   Our CEO, Marco Cappellini, had the opportunity to […]

Centrica protagonista a EXPO 2020 Dubai

Il 10 ottobre scorso si è tenuto l’EXPO 2020 Dubai UAE, dopo il rinvio dovuto alla pandemia. Il tema della manifestazione è stato Connecting Minds, Creating the Future (collegare le menti, creare il futuro) e incentrato su Opportunità, Mobilità e Sostenibilità. L’Italia ha partecipato insieme a 200 Paesi, con un padiglione dedicato. Il nostro CEO, […]

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