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The new digital revolution

The new wave of digital technologies is the role and value of giving back to the places, the physical spaces, to the territory: cloud solutions,

Centrica at Internet Festival, Pisa

During the Internet Festival exhibition (Pisa, 9-12 october 2014), in the OpenToscana Initiative Tuscany Region’s booth, Centrica has shown Museums data imported into UBILIA® platform.


Centrica brings Ubilia® at Ocova Forum

Centrica brings Ubilia® at Ocova AlpMedNet (communicating objects and enhancement of the Alps-Mediterranean NETwork). Ocova AlpMedNet is an innovative European project for the Alps-Mediterranean area: Hautes

Centrica joins AMIEX

Torino, 12 March 2014 Marco Cappellini, Centrica CEO, joins the “The next future of cultural marketing“, a workshop held by the Lingotto Conference Center in


UBILIA® meets the need of tourists, travelers and citizens to have the best experience, knowledge and opportunities related to what they have in their proximity

Pontormo in Empoli meets research

Seminar about ART and ICT 13 december 2013 Auditorium Sesa, Via del Pino 1 – Empoli Speech by Marco Cappellini, Centrica CEO read the programme