Marco Cappellini at Sant’Anna School in Pisa

Last Thursday, September 15thMarco Cappellini donned the role of professor at Sant’Anna School in Pisa, where he gave a lecture at the event Il Bello di Pisa Summer School. The Beauty of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The initiative took place thanks to Project Erasmus+Integrated Interdisciplinary Education Module on Art, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Science.

Marco‘s talk, New Experiences with Arts – Centrica, focused on the digital innovations developed by Centrica for the enhancement of cultural heritage: from digitization projects, to immersive exhibitions, to interactive platforms aimed at EdTech such as ArtCentrica.

It was indeed a good experience, which is why thanks are in order.

We would like to thank Marco Bonaglia for his organization and support, Alberto Di Minin, Giovanni Schiuma and Norma Rosso for interesting evaluations of possible developments of ArtCentrica. Thanks also to Alfonsina Pagano and Sonia D’Arcangelo for what they presented.
Last but not least, special thanks to Luigi Nicolais and Fabio Boiani for what they do with COTEC Italia to foster innovation in the fruition of cultural heritage. 

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