ArtCentrica at Didacta Colonia

From June 7th to 11th, our CEO Marco Cappellini and Michele Ancillotti (Sales & Marketing) attended at Fiera Didacta Colonia. The event has been dedicated to the world of education, and they presented the EdTech startup ArtCentrica.

The event was aimed at encouraging discussion on education among institutions, associations and entrepreneurs. All of this in order to create a meeting place between schools and companies in the sector.

The days of meetings were a great opportunity for us to better understand the German education system and market. Many came to our booth to learn about the ArtCentrica project, showing curiosity and interest in the platform’s features.

Recently, just in Germany, we launched TÜBKE ArtCentrica, in collaboration with Kunstkraftwerk; a platform that allows visitors to navigate Werner Tübke’s work “Peasants’ Revolt” in 360 degrees.
With the app, details can be zoomed in, and additional historical information can be accessed online for an interactive, ultra-high-resolution learning experience.

Back to Didacta Colonia, we want to thank everyone who came to visit us and supported our project: 

Rebecca Rabe (from DACH)

Tobias Himmerich (EDUvation GmbH

Frau Caro Aschemeier (CEO of Deutschfuchs
and Ludwig Johannes (from WDA).

It has been a great experience that we can’t wait to replicate!

As a reminder, for those who missed this edition but would like to see ArtCentrica in action, please note that a free demo can be booked at

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