Centrica and VirtuItaly at ExpoPixel in Bologna

Centrica and VirtuItaly will participate to the festival “ExpoPixel – Rethink the digital environment”, that will be in Bologna on Thursday May 5th 2016.
Marco Cappellini, CEO of Centrica-VirtuItaly, will participate to the workshop titled “Cultural Heritage: multimedia” with a speech dedicated to the digital exhibition Uffizi Virtual Experience, produced with the startup VirtuItaly, and the enabling technology Uffizi Touch®, at the basis of the interactive area of the exhibition, Uffizi Virtual Experience is the first experience of immersive and interactive digital exhibition produced in Italy to valorize the cultural heritage in a spectacular and emotional way.
The guiding theme of ExpoPixel 2016 edition is “Rethink the digital environment”, a reflection on the ambient where we live to discuss about the most interesting news in the digital field, such as education, business 2.0, urban development strategies, 3D animations and virtual reality for museums.
Organized to the side of the Future Film Festival in partnership with Golinelli Foundation, a private foundation interested in the ensemble of art, education and technology, the event will take place on Thursday May 5th 2016 at 12.00 at Opificio Golinelli, Bologna’s new district of knowledge and culture.

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