Florence Heritage at Santa Maria Novella Station

The restaurant Fratelli Cuore, a new meeting point at the Santa Maria Novella Central Station in Florence, is the first restaurant to have the application “Florence Heritage”, an interactive touchscreen guide.
Developed by Centrica in collaboration with the City of Florence for the 30th anniversary of Florence in the UNESCO list of of Intangible Cultural Heritage, the application is a tool for the cultural valorization and promotion that allows to explore the best points of interest in the city with written information, image galleries and audioguides.
Exploring the categories available in this app with a very intuitive interface, it’s possible to discover the most famous artists and their masterpieces, but also niche artworks, out-of-tracks itineraries and uncommon places.
For example, it’s possible to follow the itineraries dedicated the Prince Cosimo de’ Medici and his privileged family, to the artist Giambologna, to the traditional ateliers and to the historic views of Florence by the eighteen-century artist Giuseppe Zocchi.