Digital exhibition “Uffizi Virtual Experience. Da Giotto a Caravaggio” in Milan

January 22nd 2016 – March 13th 2016, Milan
Uffizi Virtual Experience. From Giotto to Caravaggio is the first immersive interactive virtual exhibition entirely produced in Italy. It literally brings the Uffizi Gallery to life with over 1150 high resolution digitalized images, immersive multi projections and interactive technology.
Sponsored by the Ministry of Arts and Culture, Ministry of Tourism, the City of Milano and the City of Florence and part of the Return to the Future initiative promoted by the Cultural Office of the City of Milano, this exclusive event was open from the 22nd of January to the 13th of March 2016 in the Cathedral of the Fabbrica del Vapore, a post-industrial space dedicated to hosting cutting edge Italian cultural events.
The exhibition was composed by two parts: an immersive area, with multi projections of ultra high resolution images, for an unforgettable emotional impact and an interactive area equipped with touch screen and touch less devices, for personalized and stimulating learning experiences.
Our touch screen devices are equipped with Uffizi Touch® Cloud.
For this exhibition, Centrica added a new section to Uffizi Touch® Cloud, which included 17 Art lessons for students of every age group. With the support of this technology, the exhibition offered a calendar full of free cultural events such as Art history talks, interactive lessons and activities developed for elementary, middle and high school visits with a guide who gave students an in depth view of the Renaissance and how technology can help us understand it.
Uffizi Virtual Experience was realized by VirtuItaly, startup spinoff of Centrica established in July 2015 with the goal to valorize the Italian cultural and creative patrimony by organizing interactive virtual exhibits: they specialize in cultural events with a strong emotional impact that entertain while they teach.