Florence Heritage at Cultural Heritage on line 2012

The Fondazione Rinascimento Digitale organized on 11-12 December 2012 in Florence the 3rd edition of the CULTURAL HERITAGE on line – Trusted Digital Repositories & Trusted Professionals. This year the focus was on competences and skills necessary to manage trusted digital repositories. Besides the main Conference, the programme has been enriched by different satellite events and tutorials, organised jointly with a large pool of supporters.

Centrica has participated with Ufficio Unesco in the City of Florence and Linea Comune, presentingZocchi Touch, the interactive installation allows you to visualize very high resolution images of Giuseppe Zocchi’s masterpieces, browsable in detail.

Zocchi Touch is part of a bigger project, “Florence Heritage”, a format that provides you some “scraps of journey” from the past and the present. These scraps allow you to get familiar not just with the most famous masterpieces and artists, but also with less familiar art works, less busy itineraries, less popular landscapes that are all the same astonishing.

Florence Heritage” web site has been avalaible since 11th December 2012, put online in occasion ofin occasion of the 30th Anniversary of the inscription of Florence in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Thanks to this portal, you can deepen 4 itineraries: “The Prince way”, the “Giambologna”, the “Zocchi views” and the section dedicated to “Art and historic shops.” Each itinerary includes:

  • a gallery, which contains more than 400 high-res images;
  • an ebook;
  • an audio guide, available in Italian and English.

The format is designed to be used both through traditional web and as an app for smartphones and tablets, already available on the App Store and Android Market.

Florence Heritage touch screen version will be soon available.

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