ViDiTrust at Percorsi dell’Innovazione, Smau 2012

Smau 2012, Milan 17-19 October, FIERAMILANOCITY, Percorsi dell’innovazione, Hall 2 – Stand A 116

This year too, Centrica will be at SMAU in the section “Percorsi dell’Innovazione” with ViDiTrust, the company co-founded by Centrica, which offers a technology to fight counterfeiting of products, to protect producers and consumers.

ViDiTrust has developed an innovative technology, ViSeQR, that encloses the QRcode in a security framework, making it a “smart stamp“. ViDiTrust offers an effective anti-counterfeiting service through the certification of the printing process. There is no need of special papers nor inks: the technology is perfectly integrable in the process of labels and packaging’s printing. The QR code can be easily read by any smartphone to verify the authenticity of any product.

ViSeQR technology protects companies from counterfeiting and ensures the traceability of products. It also allows the collection of data for market researches, thanks to its cloud platform. It’s a customizable solution, easy to integrate into the production process.

The consumer can verify in a simple and intuitive way, directly from her/his device, the authenticity of the product that she/he is buying: just taking a picture of the stamp and verify it on the free App.

At SMAU stand, ViDiTrust will provide live demonstrations of the first applications of this extraordinary technology.

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