Lu.Be.C. – Lucca Cultural Heritage 2012

Lu.Be.C. 2012, 18-20 October, Real Collegio, Lucca

Lu.Be.C. – Lucca Cultural Heritage is the international meeting focused on knowledge and development of the spinneret cultural heritage-technologies-tourism, taking place every year in Lucca during the third week of October. Centrica will participate, in partnership with the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage, at the Royal College event.
The idea is presenting Florence, a complex and rich in history city, from many points of view, through new technological solutions for the fruition of cultural heritage. Such technologies should enhance the impact of cultural heritage on tourism and culture.
Centrica project wants to make the city of Florence available through different channels such as the Internet, information points located in the most important areas of the city, but also through your smartphone thanks to a dedicated App.
Two special tools will be presented in that occasion:
– the interactive application “Zocchi Touch
– the interactive application “Firenze nel tempo


the interactive application “Zocchi Touch”

the interactive application “Firenze nel tempo”

Both interactive installations are based on Uffizi Touch® architecture.

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