Centrica and VirtuItaly at Restauro in Ferrara

Centrica and VirtuItaly will be at Restauro, the Fair of Conservation, technology and promotion of cultural and environmental heritage in Ferrara next wednesday April 6th 2016.
Marco Cappellini, CEO of Centrica-VirtuItaly, will participate to the workshop Re-thinking the museum. Communication and digital strategies for innovative management and teaching with a speech titled Uffizi Virtual Experience: a digital exhibition to valorize cultural heritage outside museums.
Organized by the Humanities Department of the University of Ferrara and TekneHub, Technology Centre in the High Technology Network of Regione Emilia Romagna, the workshop will be introduced by Francesca Cappelletti, Humanities Department/Teknehub, University of Ferrara (h 14.30, Sala Marfisa).
“The cultural heritage at the origins of creativity. Every creation is deeply rooted in its cultural traditions, but develops together with other cultures.
For this reason, cultural heritage should be preserved in all its forms, valorized and transmitted to future generations as witness of the experience and aspirations of human kind, with the purpose of fostering a diverse creativity and promote a true intercultural exchange.” (art. 7, Unesco Universal Declaration Dichiarazione on cultural diversity
– Paris, November 2nd 2001).
This is the dea that drives the workshop. A serie of talks will follow through, combining the enthusiasm for the scientific research of the curatorial staff and the outcomes of an attentive view on reality, able to draft an exact profile of the current users and the relation between museum supply and demand.
In this context, Marco Cappellini will present the experience of the digital exhibition Uffizi Virtual Experience, produced with the startup VirtuItaly, and the enabling technology Uffizi Touch®, at the basis of the interactive area of the exhibition.


Wednesday, April 6th
Re-thinking the museum. Communication and digital strategies for innovative management and teaching
h.14:30- Sala Marfisa

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