Centrica’s contribution to the “Great Museum of the Cathedral” of Florence which opens today.

Centrica has carried out several on-site digitization campaigns and developed interactive applications for the new Opera del Duomo Museum in Florence.

Gates of Paradise:
The entire door and the individual panels of Ghiberti scanned at high resolution and made enjoyable though touch screen and iOS/Android App. Centrica’s technologies allow you to zoom in the details of the Gates and the single panels, to have an interactive audio/video guide for an overview of the artwork, to discover the stories of the Bible thematically organized and browsable through an ontological approach.

Mosaics of the Baptistery have no longer secrets thanks to very-high-resolution digitization campaign of the eight “segments” of the mosaics and the vault above the altar. The touch screen application and the App allow you to get closer to the mosaic wheel through 23 panoramic views at 360° (one for each bifora, one for the whole Baptistery and one for the altar). In this case too, you can discover the themes of the mosaics through the software platform developed by Centrica.

Silver Altar and the Cross:
The high-resolution digitization and the application for touch screen allow you to appreciate the extraordinary quality of this artwork, the details and the themes carved on the Altar and the Cross. The installation is in the Treasure Room.

Pollaiuolo’s vestments:
the 27 “embroideries”, attributed to Pollaiuolo and restored by Opificio delle Pietre Dure, are revealed in their precious wefts, thanks to the extremely accurate digitization made by Centrica. The touch screen application makes the embroidery explorable in every detail.

North Gate:
like the Gates of Paradise, Centrica has carried out the high-res digitization campaign and developed a touch screen application that reveals the mastery of Ghiberti’s execution in this artwork and makes its themes understandable.

The digitization campaigns and the “stitching” techniques applied by Centrica have made available images of great quality at extreme high resolution (in Gigapixels size).

All the interactive applications are based on Uffizi Touch® Platform which integrates all the enabling platforms made by Centrica, asXLimage® and XLknowledge®, allowing the user to live a compelling experience as tourist, curious to learn and discover, or as scholar, wanting to check what was never possible to appreciate so closely.

From 15th of October the Great Museum of the Cathedral in Florence will be open to the public.