Centrica’s High Resolution at Castello

Florence, 10-11 May 2014

Centrica’s images and proximity interactive guide by the Medicean Villa of Castello

On 10 and 11 May, on the occasion of the celebrations for the recognition of the Medici Villas and Gardens as ‘UNESCO Heritage of Humanity’, Centrica will offer visitors the Medici Villa of Castello the chance to explore the very high resolution images of two famous works originally placed at the Villa: Botticelli’s “Primavera” and “Birth of Venus”, available at a resolution of 5.4 and 10 GigaPixel respectively .

Images allow the detection of details almost invisible to the naked eye, and are made interactive, thanks to Uffizi Touch® technology, so that they can be analyzed and virtually measured and compared.

Uffizi Touch® is a model to enhance the Italian artistic heritage.
Starting in 2000, Centrica has made the ultra-high resolution scanning campaign of the entire collection of the Uffizi Gallery and year by year has developed technologies enabling the use of such media on various channels (large-sized touch screens, tablets and smartphones, web), providing advanced features, such as “recommendations” based on the entire work or details of it ( ” jewelry “, “landscapes “, etc.).

Visitors of the Villa di Castello, the villa Petraia and its gardens will be able to experience UBILIA®, an app to discover what is around them, through their Apple or Android smartphone / tablet: the “Primavera”and the “Birth of Venus “by Botticelli will be virtually available in the proximity of the Villa di Castello, where they were once kept.

Visit UBILIA® web-site and download iOS and Android app.


May 10, 2014 , 16 pm , admission by invitation , to confirm segreteria@crusca.fi.it
May 11, 2014 , at 15, free admission to availability

Villa Medicea di Castello
Via di Castello, 46
50141 Firenze, FI

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