Major Cities of Europe Florence

VirtuItaly and Centrica will participate to Major Cities of Europe Florence 2016 – Renaissance in the Digital Age, the conference dedicated to innovation and smart cities that will be in Florence from May 31st to June 1st 2016.
Organized by the City of Florence and the association Major Cities of Europe, of which Firenze is part, the 2016 international conference will take place in the cradle of Renaissance in Convitto della Calza. This exclusive location will host conferences, workshops, seminars and roundtables in which will be involved delegates from the most important cities of Europe.
It will be an opportunity to share the experiences of Florence with other cities like Barcelona, Lyon, Wien, Hamburg, Copenaghen.
Different points of view will be compared: in particular, on what Florence, leading city 2015-2020 in the European project Horizon 2020, and its territory are doing to promote simpler digital services and more sustainable tools to live, discover and work in Florence, in Tuscany and in Italy, and on what other cities in Europe are doing in this field.
In this context, we will present the last experiences and products of Centrica-VirtuItaly with a corner dedicated to Uffizi Virtual Experience, where the interactive area of the exhibition will be recreated to allow visitors to experiment Uffizi Touch Cloud technology.
Uffizi Virtual Experience will be presented to the audience of Major Cities of Europe also in a session dedicated to companies and startups in the field of ICT, that will be on Tuesday May 31st at 3 PM.