We have worked in the sector of digital imaging since 1999, when Centrica was established. We gained long-standing experience in high quality image capture of museum collections, hardcopy and photo archives, and we developed hardware and software technologies for the visualization of high resolution images in Internet, their cataloguing and/or marketing, fruition through large screens and interactive rooms. Also, we developed digital watermarking technologies for the intellectual ownership protection (IPR) and DRM (Digital Right Management) and DAM (Digital Asset Management) software solution for the management and sale of digital contents in Internet.
Together with our clients and partners, we are able to create innovative projects for the valorization of artworks or products. In the years of our activity, we conducted direct digital acquisition campaigns (digital backs to single click or scanning) or with high resolution scanner of the Uffizi Gallery (1999-2004), with image size between 40 and 150 MegaPixel, the project “Archive of Excellence of the Florentine Museums”, realized with Hitachi and MICC, with image sizes between 499 MegaPixel and 10 GigaPixel, and the digital acquisition campaigns of Harvard University-Villa i Tatti, Istituto Olandese d’Arte, Archivio Scala, Museo degli Innocenti, Museo Richard Ginori e Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze.

We design and develop software technologies for the cataloguing and management of knowledge able to respond to a variety of needs and applications. Our experience in the ICT sector gives us the know-how to create ad hoc solutions for clients like museums, archives, libraries, collectors, private and public cultural institutions, municipalities, companies.
The technologies developed in more than 15 years of activity support features like search, super high-res visualization and dynamic distribution of digital images, zooming, correct representation of color, digital watermarks for the rights management, the representation and processing of knowledge based on conceptual models and ontologies, management of the price structures and billing of image licensing.

Thanks to our experience in the field of interactive signage, we are able to offer multiple technical solutions with powerful productions, able to add value to the communication activities of museums, archives, private and public cultural organizations, municipalities and companies.
We offer touchscreen and touch less solutions for the staging of interactive rooms and virtual galleries, we design and develop inline and offline applications for the interaction with images, objects and spaces through large screens and surfaces. Supported by multimedia technologies and touchscreens featuring man-machine interaction, we are able to conceive dynamic and customized learning paths, usable in a variety of ways with very simple devices, sizable in the amount of content desired and level of detail.
Our solutions support a perfect combination of content and emotional involvement and make the user the main character of an experience where knowledge, detail and entertainment are bind together.

We develop apps for mobile devices that feature the interaction with images, objects and environment both indoors and outdoors.
With the support of proximity technologies enabling the delivery of information according to the position in the physical space, and user-friendly interfaces, we are able to create dynamic and customized routes with various types of fruition, sizable content and tools that are attractive and easy to use at the same time.
We are able to develop personalized functionalities and designs to satisfy the specific needs of our final clients and to facilitate the fruition of final users, who receive the contents directly on their mobile devices.
Our applications make the visit of a city or a museum an entertaining and interactive experience where the user feels captivated and guided.