About This Project

The software architecture underlying ARTCentrica® can also be applied to projects based on content other than the Uffizi Gallery, and in this case it is called ARTCentrica® platform.

ARTCentrica® platform platform requires the collection to be digitized at a minimum resolution of at least 10 MegaPixels per image, and is composed of an application resident in the device (touch screen, PC, Mac or smartphone/tablet) and the enabling technologies, licensed for the device (touch screen only) or as a Cloud service.

At the technical level, ARTCentrica® platform is an integrated system of web services and microservices that can be horizontally scaled using multiple hardware machines at the same time.
It consists of a document-oriented database server, an integrated API service (XLknowledge), the XLimage server for the import and use of high-resolution images, two web control panels, one for administration and one for authoring, in HTML5 language, and finally a web client also in HTML5 language.

These elements can be installed on the same machine or on separate machines according to scalability requirements.